A Consul or Cloud Gaming ?

The next consul wars is about to take place and which one does one prefer the almighty PlayStation Or the Xbox. Well I don’t know which one out of those two I want right now.

The Xbox pass subscription Is definitely intriguing as games prices are certainly to rise and the idea of having a lot of games available to play would be nice. I’m also still contemplating stadia I’m thinking is this the way forward the problem with stadia right now for me I’m an iOS user.

I have my iPad pro and my iPhone And I don’t really want to move away from them.

The whole point of stadia it’s a free entry platform you just buy the games you like and play it on any device or sign up to the pro subscription for some free games a month and 4K resolution.

Well on iOS I don’t get that option thanks to Apple and buying an Android as tempting as that might be it’s just not an option right now.

I do hope Apple see the light and let Cloud gaming platforms on Because honestly who wants Apple arcade in the state it’s in.